We sale the
Isotope of zinc-64

We sell stable isotope of zinc-66 (Zn-64)
Our company owns powder zinc-64, with natural isotope content
There are all documents.

Currently, the zinc-64 isotope is used in a wide variety of additives to the primary coolant.

The use of zinc dosing technologies leads to a decrease in radiation power during scheduled repairs, a decrease in the accumulation of radioactive waste in equipment, an improvement in the corrosion state, a reduction in the service life of primary pipelines, and, as a result, an increase in the reliability of reactors.

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Info Zn-64

25 kgs
isotope content of Zn-66
Specification for zinc powder
1. Material : zinc Powder with natural content of stable isotope Zn-64, produced in Russia; consists of natural isotope of zin composition
2. Radioactivity– non-radioactive; radiation safe;
3. Isotope content of Zn-66 – 48,89%;
4. Expiration– no expiration date;
5. Quantity: 25 kgs;
6. Chemical purity: not less than 99,99%
zn-66, powder

Documents attached to the isotope of zinc-64

1. The history of the material from the manufacturer to the owner.
2. Contract of sale (ownership).
3. Certificate of the manufacturer and an extract from the laboratory tests of the manufacturer.
4. The certificate of the laboratory of GIREDMET.
5. Photo material and packaging.
6. Assessment of the "MOSEKSPERTIZA".
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